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Become a Member

The congregation of St. James United Church extends a friendly, welcoming invitation to all those who join us in worship, whether as visitors ("adherents") or through the more formal process of seeking full membership.

Visitors are welcome to participate fully in all worship activities and the social life of the church. Full members are individuals who have taken the additional step of making a personal commitment to God and the United Church of Canada.

Benefits of Membership

Members have the opportunity to serve in all leadership roles in the church, guiding and shaping the vision and message of the Gospel in our congregation and our community.

How to Become a Member

  1. Join us for a Sunday 11AM service. We hope you will feel a sense of community and fellowship.
  2. If you enjoy your experience, speak with Reverend Julie to let her know that you are considering membership at St. James.
  3. Once you have communicated your decision to become a member, we will set a date for a "Welcoming Sunday," which will be held during our regular Sunday service. You will be formally welcomed before the Congregation at that time.