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Who We Are

We are a genuinely welcoming community, striving to articulate and live out what it means to be a hope-filled, loving and compassionate faith community in this time and place.

We are a community-based church offering ministry, community outreach, theatre and children's groups, all-inclusive wedding, funeral and baptism services, rental facilities, progressive study groups and weekly worship within the United Church tradition.

A Different Kind of Church

Are you looking for a place where you can reflect and explore with your head as well as your heart? Where the sermons are engaging and applicable to daily living? Would you like to be part of a socially and environmentally conscious congregation that is involved with the community and the world, always inclusive and welcoming to all?

If so, why not consider visiting St. James United Church? We strive to be and do this, and more!

We're Not Stuffy. We Promise!

For many of us, memories of church can seem daunting. Familiar complaints are that church is boring, stuffy and too "preachy." At St. James, we pride ourselves on being a fun-filled, energetic group of friends who come together in celebration of our faith. Our church musicians, the Hiscox family, along with our choir, get our fingers snapping and toes tapping every Sunday morning!

We don't have a dress code. We want you to come as you are, whether that's in a three-piece suit or your favourite pair of jeans. More than that, however, we want to accept you as you are. We understand that today's world is a complex one with increased demands and a multitude of beliefs, faiths, practices and differing lifestyles. We don't want to tell you how to live your life; we simply want to share it with you.

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